8 Ideas You Can Write About Right Now

Writing letters or mailing cards seems old school for younger generations at home. Yet, way back during the older days, receiving mail was the one of the only ways people could stay connected with loved ones they couldn’t see in person.

And it wasn’t as complicated as all the cell phones, social media and other technology we have to troubleshoot today! All you needed was a pen, paper, and a stamp.

Right now, many older generations are having trouble connecting with their loved ones because of stay at home advisories that have been put in place to protect them from getting coronavirus. Many have to stay in their rooms instead of seeing their friends at their senior center or their family that would usually visit. And when most of the news on TV is about COVID-19, it can really take a toll our emotions. You can help our seniors stay connected to their community- and to the old days of letter writing- by sending positivity through card or a letter through the mail.

Here are 8 ideas that can help you write or send a card to someone in your community.  

1. Give them some exciting news.

  • This news can be absolutely anything. It can be about a game you played with family, maybe your parents made your favorite meal, or you got to play at the park!

2. Show off your art skills.

  • Draw or color a picture for someone to see. They can hang your portrait on the wall.

3. Talk about what the weather is like in your community.

  •  Talk about what the weather has been like for you in the past couple of days. See where your letter is going and if they might be getting the same kind of weather!

4. Tell a funny joke or a story.

  • Everyone loves a laugh so why not share one. Telling a funny joke will help.
  • Or has anything fun happened to you or someone you know lately. Get a pen and paper and write about it!

5. Send a cool postcard.

  • You can find these at your local drugstore or grocery store. See if you can pick one up on your next grocery run!

6. Write about your favorite book.

  • Someone might have not read your favorite book. If you tell them about it, they might want to pick it up and read it.

7. Send some encouraging words.

  • Now is the perfect time to send some words of encouragement to someone who might need them.

8. Ask them a question.

  • Keep the connection going and ask a question. You can ask “What’s your favorite movie?” Do you have or have you ever had pets?”
  • They will be happy to share information with you.

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