Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only send cards or letter? What about emails or video chats?

At this time, Project Send love is only supporting cards and letters.

Who can participate? Is this for children or adults?

All ages are welcome to participate in sending cards or letters.  

Is it okay to write in languages other than English?

Each facility listed on our Participating Facilities page lists what languages are spoken there.

How do I get my skilled nursing or assisted living facility listed on the Participating Facilities page?

You can either visit our Participating Facilities page and click the “Become a participating facility” button or you can access the form by clicking HERE.

How do I become a pen pal? 

Check out our Participating Facilities page to find out which facilities support pen pals, as well as our Instructions for Volunteers page for more information about becoming a pen pal. Be sure to write “Pen Pal” on the back of the envelope to indicate to staff at the facility that you would like to be set up with a pen pal. Volunteers are also asked to include a return address and stamp to allow for a response.

Can I acquire community service hours through Project Send Love? Will I get a certificate verifying my volunteer hours?

Yes! Visit out Instructions for Volunteers page to learn more about get your volunteer hours verified. If you have any questions, please email us at Every two letters sent is equivalent to one volunteer hour. Volunteer verification forms can take up to a month to be processed and sent out. If a verification form is needed sooner than this, or if a different type of verification is needed, please reach out by email at: (This verification could still take up to a week to process). Please do not go to locations of facilities listed on our participating facilities page. They will not be able to verify any hours completed with Project Send Love.

Can I donate to Project Send Love?

Thank you for your interest in supporting Project Send Love! We are accepting donations in the form of checks sent to the Project Send Love c/o Elenor Crangle, 1545 Lilac Lane, Lawrence, KS 66045.